We're Playing All Your Favourite Love Songs


We are The Night Network, affectionately known as TNN to our friends. Deliciously delivering the world’s greatest love songs in a format especially designed to get you through the wee small hours. 

So join us from this summer for the the silkiest all-nighters you’ve every experienced. 


The New Night Network Is Reborn On Monday 1st September 2014








There’s never been a better reason to love the night. 
The Night Network plays with your cool, sensitive,  nocturnal emotions,
right through midnight and into the wee small hours till dawn.

Whatever your reasons for staying up, we will soothe the hours away with
an addictive mix of the world’s greatest love songs.

The Night Network For Night Owls

Whether you’re working, playing or simply unable to sleep. We are your Night Network for lush love songs, totally and completely uninterrupted, so you can enjoy every delicious track that we play for you all night long. We aim to make the most special time of the day even better. Our playlist is chosen carefully so every song you hear is an absolute gem. No one does it better than The Night Network.


Choose Your Favourite Tunes

Soon you will be able to tell us exactly what songs you want to hear, in order to make your all-nighters even better. With our already highly toned playlists, coupled ever so beautifully with your own choices of music, we want you to make TNN yours every night. So, remember, from August 2014, there’s only one night time destination. Your nights, your music. TNN.


The Night Network Radio Stations

Get the very best audio for your radio station’s crucial overnight audience. 

With our white label service for broadcasters, you can be sure that every track we play, every morsel of imaging, is not only of the very highest quality, but is also ideal for feeding the best content to your overnight listeners. 

No more programming, no more worries. Let TNN take care of your station tonight!

The Night Network For Our Listeners

Ahhh. The night. We love it. We are playing an irresistible array of the world’s greatest love songs. And we understand that just because the clock has long passed midnight shouldn’t mean that the quality of our playlists should reflect that. In fact, you’ll hear just as many unforgettable gems at 4am as you will plenty of hours earlier. 

So, from this August, get ready to be entertained all night. 

Up all night? So are we.